Nova Defence Is A Fresh Take On Tower Defense

(App Advice)Nova Defence (Free) by EMOBI GAMES JOINT STOCK COMPANY is the greatest tower defense game to recently land in the App Store

( AppAdvice ) Nova Defence (Free) by EMOBI GAMES JOINT STOCK COMPANY is the greatest tower defense game to recently land in the App Store. Since it was recently named as one of our daily best apps, I’ve decided to take a closer look at the title. After all, who doesn’t love some good tower defense?
Nova Defence by EMOBI GAMES JOINT STOCK COMPANY screenshot

Just like any tower defense game, the objective is to prevent enemies from making their way across a path. This is done by strategically building towers that will automatically try to take them down. In Nova Defence, unlike you’d expect, they can only be placed in a few specific locations along the path. Also, you must choose a location that is near an existing tower. The level begins in a dark setting, lit up only in the areas where towers have been placed. As a result, when enemies travel through dark areas, they become invisible. This aspect of the game is, in my opinion, really creative, as it adds another element to strategically plan around.

Other than setting up towers to protect the exit, there are also various heroes that can be placed anywhere along the path. This includes an “Assault” hero, who will try his best to shoot down any enemies, as well as a pair of soldiers that fight together and a missile that can be called upon at any time. The Assault hero is always around, while the other heroes need time to recharge between uses.
Another new idea that Nova Defence brings forth involves the method of upgrading towers. Typically, tower defense games only allow players to upgrade on the fly during invasion, but this is not always the case here. Instead, some types of upgrades can be acquired in a separate menu before playing. These upgrades differ from the ones that can be attained during the game.

The thing I like about Nova Defence is that it’s not just another tower defense game. We’ve seen many of those in the App Store over the past five years. Instead, this title presents a few original concepts, which make it more challenging and enjoyable. The game does offer in-app purchases, but they generally stay out of the way, and are by no means a requirement. Since it’s available for free in the App Store, I encourage you to try out Nova Defence on your iPhone and iPad.