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2112 tells a futurist story of intergalactic war between the human race and two mysterious alien races. Humans have discovered Herani, a powerful energy source that they have been able to harness for the use of deep space travel. The energy source allows humans to develop ships that are able to withstand the rigors of intergalactic voyages and travel at high speeds previously unimaginable. But this new discovery and the ability for intergalactic travel comes with direr consequences and as the human race boldly goes where it has never gone before, it attracts the attention of alien species who wish to possess this new source of energy at any cost. War breaks out and the race to not only survive but possess the Herani power source

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In 2112, players can choose between one of three races. Each race possesses unique technologies made from the rare element Herani that must be harvested, researched and fully exploited. New technologies based on Herani will provide armies with destructive power. Players must wield their power strategically by placing forward bases for upcoming assaults, build upon resource point locations to block enemy advancement, and upgrade fortresses to better repeal an invaders attack. Players will have a full range of defensive structures and offensive units and weapons to choose from and upgrade.


3D modern graphics

Various quests and deep branch campagins

Unique gameplays